提筆寫作分析-2. 訂閱電子信Guru後的第一封行銷信 #209


The deadline to get the September “Email Players” issue is in mere days from now.




It’s all about punishment.

And what I call “6G marketing warfare.”



And… well, all of this, too:





* Apple & Disney’s big secret to “rigging” things so customers possibly don’t even dream of buying from any other business than yours — including if you don’t sell the “best” offers or services. (There is a reason Apple Computer customer brains have been shown to react exactly like a religious person’s brain reacts to their chosen deity — and this secret right out of the Old Testament inside can help you do the exact same.)




* 6 ways you can use to “benevolently punish” your market into wanting to buy from your business and ONLY your business.


  • 痛點、也是行銷者的渴望:總要回覆客戶的問題
  • 雖然我也不認同要蔑視客戶,但懷疑這樣做更能做到想要的成果(高品質、富有熱情的客戶)

* The exact best time to ignore a potential customer’s or client’s question — even if they come at you with respect & good intentions — and treat them as if they don’t even exist or are beneath your contempt. (I don’t really expect most people who read this to do what I suggest, but I suspect the one or two people who do will find themselves with a much higher quality and passionate customer base.)



* What to do to your 1-click upsell offers that can potentially make customers more likely to buy your future offers.



* A cunning way to manipulate your competition into helping you make more sales. (Hint: there are predators who sell high priced and high quality and scavengers who sell low priced and low quality in any marketing “ecosystem” — simply make sure you are the former, follow my instructions inside, then see what happens.)



* Exactly who to vomit off your business’ email list if you want to make the most sales possible.


* A real life story about how I “converted” a popular IM guru who hated my guts to my sneaky ways. (Which you can just as easily model for flipping otherwise cold leads to your side as well.)



* 4 powerful marketing secrets straight from the Bible that can work whether you’re a sinner or saint… deacon or derelict… pagan or puritan… or even if you believe in the tooth fairy or are one of those socially awkward atheists who makes illogical flying spaghetti monster jokes.



* A quick recap of what Sixth-Generation Marketing Warfare (the single most profitable insight I’ve ever used in my business to date) is.



* An extremely powerful weapon in 6G marketing warfare that can potentially work especially well for beefing up the response of product launches, affiliate campaigns, and special sales.


* How taking a “spare the rod, spoil the customer” approach to business can help ratchet up your influence, sales, and brand like nothing else. (The irony: a lot of guru-type marketers in all kinds of niches I’ve seen are way too big of cowards to do this — which means if you do, you can stand out from them & seize potential market share that much more.)

* An admittedly sneaky psychological trick for using deadlines to goose up your sales.

And on and on it goes…



別再當一個拖延者了,call to action

Here’s the deal:

Once that devious deadline hits, I turn Email Players off in the cart.

When that happens, you won’t be able to subscribe to get this issue in time.

And no, I don’t make exceptions.

So if you want in, tell your inner procrastinator to blow, and go here:


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